What our Sioux-ers say:


Good benefits, professional working environment

Have been working here for more than 3 years, and still love the company.
The company focuses on developing quality-oriented products for customers instead of quantity and profit, so customers always give good feedback on the projects.
Competitive salary, good benefits, and professional working environment.
Employees are well-taken care of with a Flex Care package worth up to 30 million, uses for training courses, develop specialized skills, as well as help pay for insurance for relatives and school fees for children.
The company always listens to and acknowledges feedback from employees and makes appropriate changes. Especially at reviews, employees are always evaluated objectively, reliably based on the function matrix, and received feedback from both managers and colleagues, instead of just receiving a one-way evaluation from managers.
Fun, friendly and comfortable atmosphere.


The best IT company in Da Nang

I was lazy to write a review, but now I write it, so you know, 5 stars !
Females are more than males. HR, female devs are all hot girls, you’ll no longer be single.
Teams are strong and solid. Review SOLID, OOP, and fundamental knowledge before the interview if you need.
Normally work with 10 to 20-year-experience architects in the Netherlands. Opportunities for the on-site trip are widely open.
I haven’t been able to go onsite because of the pandemic, yet I have traveled to the Netherlands twice before.
The company has diversified benefits such as exciting events, gifts, 20 days of annual leave, and a 13th-month salary.


Well-deserved workplace

I am impressed by the open and transparent company culture.
I have the opportunity to work with supportive and friendly colleagues.
At Sioux, flexibility and comfort are highly appreciated.
Your suggestions are recognized, and your ideas matter.
Besides, the working process is clear. I have the chance to work directly with international partners to create challenging and innovative products.
Last but not least, Sioux is outstanding compared to other IT companies by the competitive salary. Welcome to Sioux!


Qualified Company

Have been working here for 5 years without any intention to move.
Being in a team that always puts the common good first, ready to share knowledge, help each other, and is not afraid of difficulties or challenges.
An open company, no-frills, focus on quality.
Superb employee benefits package which used for children’s education and family insurance cares.

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