Top 5 Benefits of Joining an Internship Program for Students

Top 5 Benefits of Joining an Internship Program for Students

Whether you are a final-year student or just a fresher in college, joining an internship should definitely be a priority item on your list of university achievements. Employers have increasingly paid more considerations to work experience and highly valued candidates that possess both good educational background and relevant industry experience. Besides polishing your resume and pushing your self-esteem, an internship also offers you an opportunity to get a taste of the professional world and many other benefits as well.

  1. Gain Precious Hands-On Knowledge and Skills
  2. Help You Stand Out in the Crowd
  3. Explore Your Career Interests
  4. Expand Your Network and Secure Your Future Job
  5. Be Inspired to Think Bigger and Achieve More

Gain Precious Hands-On Knowledge and Skills

Although many universities and colleges have tried to improve the quality of their curriculum and agenda to better serve the needs of the business world, the gap between practice and theory still exists. By joining a real organization, you can observe which knowledge and skills are needed for each position in its corresponding level and map them against your current competencies to understand your strengths and weaknesses for your future jobs. Additionally, when you work on your assignments in your role, you can also receive valuable feedback from the supervisor to further improve your work performance. Besides, you can also grasp and practice many important soft skills that are highly appreciated in the workplace but can be overlooked in schools such as teamwork, interpersonal skills, negotiation, and so on.

Help You Stand Out in the Crowd

Each year, there are tens of thousands of fresh graduates, and with the phenomenon of grade inflation, many of them probably graduate with good results. Hence, having extra work experience can greatly distinguish you from the candidate pool, especially if you also obtain great letters of reference from your internship supervisors and colleagues. Moreover, your successful completion of the internship also shows your potential employers that you have employable skills and a suitable attitude to thrive in a workplace setting.

Explore Your Career Interests

When you get into a university and select your major, you might have fancy ideas about your future job, expecting to do meaningful and lifechanging work using cutting-edge technologies with supportive colleagues. Your real job might be just like your dream, in essence, coupling with myriads of other daily minor and major challenges and occasional inconveniences such as long and tedious work hours or petty office politics. Doing an internship can help you to place yourself in your future position, see whether you can accept the job with both its rewards and obstacles and understand what you will like or dislike in a company. In this way, you can also avoid the shock when transitioning from university life to real work life.

Expand Your Network and Secure Your Future Job

In this interconnected world, networking is a vital skill to have to enhance your chance of landing your dream job. Unless you possess very highly sought-after skills and qualification which enable you to easily score a job through applying randomly on job sites or at career fairs, most jobs are advertised through informal channels, and employees are hired on a reference basis. Therefore, as you enter your internship, you have the opportunity to tap into an important network of business managers, recruiters, and colleagues within this industry who will more than likely introduce you to your next permanent job. In some cases, you can also be promoted to an official employee after your internship since many companies now use the internship to replace the traditional recruitment, probation, and training process.

Be Inspired to Think Bigger and Achieve More

Working closely with a seasoned expert in your field is the fastest way to become motivated and realize your full potentials. Witnessing an organization putting know-how, technologies, and other resources into action to create value for the society can help you to comprehend deeply the meaning of your job and give you a sense of pride especially if you feel engaged in the work and contribute to the team’s success. Therefore, it is also important to choose your internship wisely through extensive research to ensure that you work for a trustworthy employer that allows you to learn actual skills on the job, not just take advantage of your labor and enthusiasm.

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