A Small Test About React With Sioux!

A Small Test About React With Sioux!

React, developed, and widely used by Facebook, has become the most popular Javascript library for building highly interactive View’s layer for Web apps. Just a short time since it was first released in 2016, React has been sought-after and favored by the largest corporations in the world such as Netflix, eBay, Instagram, etc.

With all of its outstanding advantages such as high performance, the capability to help programmer reuse the existing components, lower the time and cost of product development, and SEO-friendly, React did create a Tech-media feeding frenzy. It is relatively easy to learn if the programmer has a solid background and experience in Javascript and HTML.

So, do you feel confident about your React knowledge? Let’s give yourself a small test with Sioux!

1.         In the component lifecycle which one is executed before rendering?

A. None of the above

B. componentWillMount

C.  componentDidMount

2.           Life cycle methods of components fall under the following categories?

A.  Mounting

B.  Unmounting

C.  Updating

D.  All of the above

3.           Once you create an element, React you can’t change its children or attributes?

A.  True

B.  False

4.           Which is used to pass the data from parent to child?

A.  state

B.  props

C.  render

5.           To achieve dynamic UI updates. Which of the following needs to be updated?

A.  render

B.  state

C.  render component

6.           Which of the following are not components of Redux?

A.  Action

B.  State

C.  Reducer

7.           What is the name of React.js Developer?

A.  Jordan Lee

B.  Jordan mike

C.  Jordan Walke

8.           Which functions allow us to bind the context of the components?

A. ::

B.  :

C.  =>

9.           React.js Covers only the view layer of the app?

A.   True

B.  False

10.         Reactjs data flow implementation?

A.  No one

B.  Two way data flow

C.  one way data flow

11.         Which of the following mounting methods are invoked before the component is inserted into DOM?

A.  componentWillMount

B.  getInitialState

C.  All of the above

12.         ReactJS renders Components start with?

A.  Lowercase

B.  Uppercase

C.  Variable

13.         Which of the following called the fat arrow function in React?

A.  ->

B.  >

C.  =>

14.         Reactjs focuses on which of the following part when considering MVC?

A.  C

B.  V

C.  M

15.         Which helps react to keeping their data unidirectional?

A.  Flux

B.  Props

C.  Dom

16.         Which is used to update the state?

A.  setNewnumber

B.  set number

C.  setState

17.         Which is used to keep the value of components unique?

A.  Data

B.  Key

C.  Ref

18.         Which of the following method define default values for properties using props?

A.  getInitialState

B.  getPropsValue

C.  getDefaultProps

19.         JSX is necessary to work with React.js?

A.  False

B.  True

20.         Which of the following API is necessary for the React.js component?

A.  RenderComponent

B.  Render

C. State

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