Top 12 HealthTech App Ideas

Top 12 HealthTech App Ideas

With an aging population, increasing disposable income and big government and private spending on healthcare sector’s digital transformation, the demand for heath-tech apps has been strongly on the rise. An innovative idea that addressed the pain points and urgent needs of the majority customers will be highly desirable and can make the app owners become millionaires overnight. Here are the top 12 ideas for healthtech apps that an entrepreneur can consider for his/her new venture.

1. Medicine and pharmaceutical product marketplace

An app that connects local pharmacies with customers, allowing them to buy their prescribed medicine online and receive the orders at the comfort of their house.

2. Digital personal health assistant

Another health-tech idea is an app that enables users to keep track of their medical history including health check records, laboratory test results and medical usage. The app can also monitor the user’s daily habits such as food and calories intakes and exercises during the day.

3. Doctor schedule management

Users can book health examination and consultation sessions with doctors through the app. The appointments can be conducted virtually or at a physical location (both online-to-online and online-to-offline platforms).

4. Health-related event advertisement

Users can find health-related events in the community and event organizers can advertise their upcoming events through the app.

5. Knowledge-sharing app

The app can help to share reliable information, research, expert opinion and health-related news to users. It can specialize in a specific medical subject area (cancer, heart diseases, diabetes, nutrition etc.) or provide general popular knowledge.

6. Hospital/ clinical services

Entrepreneur can approach and pitch with hospitals or other health providers to make an app to facilitate their services. For example, they can make apps to manage patient appointment, etc.

7. Medicine taking reminder

For many patients, taking medicine on time is crucial to the success of their treatment. This app reminds users of the time and types of medicine that they need to take.

8. Health providers’ CRM app

Healthcare is a lucrative market that can be worth from thousands of dollars to millions of dollars. Hence, healthcare providers need sophisticated tools to oversee their sales pipelines, launch sales and marketing activities, and offer the best services to win deals and retain customers.

9. Gym and Fitness Search and Sign up

An app for users to search for nearby gym and fitness centers. Users can book appointment and give feedback about the services through the app.

10. Personal trainers connecting platform

Users can find information and read reviews about personal trainers. They can connect with the trainers to arrange services and make payment.

11. Meditation and mindfulness app

Amidst the hectic of the modern time, mindfulness is highly sought-after and is believed to increase mental resilience and productivity. An app that provides tips, guides and other materials to help users practice mindfulness will be of great value.

12. Addiction rehabilitation community

Quitting a bad habit such as smoking or drinking can be very difficult, requiring high commitment and support from the user’s inner circle and bigger network. The app can connect users who are on the same journey so that they can provide support and advice for one another.

Do you have any other ideas for healthtech start-ups? Please share with us!

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