Create your own 2020 Resolution!

Create your own 2020 Resolution!

You might hear about New Year Resolution which in the first day of the New Year, people around the world are beginning to reflect on the past year and start making resolutions hoping to achieve all of their dreams this year.

While you might have some goals for your personal life, how about a few resolutions for your career life?

Below are some recommendations that you might find them inspired to make your resolution for 2020!

1. Learn a New Skill

No matter what tech field you are in or what level of your career, there is always something new to learn that could benefit your career. If there is something that you’ve wanted to try, then now is the time! Learn presentation skills, get to know ReactJS, a project management course? Whether it is directly related to your career or not, a new skill will enhance your professional and personal development and can set you ahead of the game when it comes to clinching a new job or a promotion. 

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2. Network and Connect More


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Depending on your personality, networking can be awkward and draining, or it can be a fun time to meet new people. No matter which camp you find yourself in, more networking should definitely be the top of your resolution list! 

Connecting with the right people can really give you a helping hand in your career success. In Danang, there are many tech communities that you can engage with: Developer Circles by Facebook, Google Developer Group Mien Trung.

3. Read More Career-Related Books

No matter your job and no matter your goals, there is a book out there that will speak to you and help you. Whether you wish to improve performance, learn more about a programming language, change your professional outlook, or better your productivity, considering reading a part of your professional development.

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4. Learn English or a New Language

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If you’re not so confident with your English skills, this is a good time to reset the goal. English is the primary language that opens up many doors of knowledge and opportunities. Or you can learn a new favorite language like Chinese, Japanese or Spanish etc. If you’re bored of or don’t have time to join the class, Duolingo is a very well-known application for learning a new language. 

5. Take Better Care Of Yourself

Besides sleeping and eating well, make sure your workplace is ergonomic. If you spend a third of your life in your office, it might make sense to make it as comfortable as possible! This also relates to the Health & Well-being workshop by Ms. Giang Pham hold recently at Sioux office. You might have recognized the importance of the right working posture, now it’s the time to really make them become habits.


6. Take a Break

So far, every resolution has been something you can do to improve your career. But sometimes, the best things you can do to reset your career is to not do anything. Take a good break. Put on a completely different hat… sometimes. Keep another hobby that’s not even tangentially related to development, and, preferably, doesn’t involve computers. Some play an instrument, some read, some write, some cook. Whatever you do, set aside some get-away time. When you do so, you’ll find more inspiration for your personal growth and being at your best state to achieve all the goals.

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