Is English Important To Software Engineer?

Is English Important To Software Engineer?

Soft and Hard Skills

Despite long-standing stereotypes of being introverts, software engineers need the “soft skills” of communication and empathy just as much as they need their technical skillset.

Generally, a good software engineer needs all four qualities: “Communication,” “Autonomy,” “Technical,” and “Empathy.” For communication abilities, however, we especially want to have worldwide communication in our team and in our company. Since English is the lingua franca of the world and the main language of the software industry, it’s a good choice for developers who want to become internationally competitive to have advanced English skills.

Strong English skills (even for native speakers of English) are key when it comes to creating many international products. If developers have to work with a language or framework that has most of its documentation written in English, how are they going to communicate correctly with other developers, or explain their work to English-speaking non-developers if they don’t develop these abilities? Additionally, without a strong command over spoken English, developers will be at a severe disadvantage when attending international tech conferences/ events where the dominant language is English.

Embedded English Communication Culture

At Sioux HTS, we integrate English communication into all major aspects of our work and culture. Software Engineers noted that English environment makes them feel more confident in their abilities as an engineer in an international company and moreover, they know many new technical words/ideas to share with others

For technical projects, with many international projects, Sioux engineers have to communicate in English with team members, project managers, and clients also (sometimes). When you apply for a job in Sioux, in our interview, besides soft skill and technical skill, English communication is also one of the criteria for us to evaluate your fit with our position. And then (of course), if you are confident with your English communication, you have more advantages.

You can take a look at this link to know how to prepare for your interview in 30 minutes!

For other internal activities, HR also aims to apply English in many ways for software engineers to practice. For example, at Sioux, we are running the Lunch and Learn sharing series where everyone can share their knowledge and experience with their colleagues and earn points to contribute towards the company’s charity fund. If you share your topic in English you will get a higher point and the point will be transferred into money for charity activities.

Let’s check more about Lunch and Learn in this article!

Besides, even during our happy moment event on Orange Day, we also want to put English into use and inspire people to learn English and practice more! We have so many internal challenges such as Spelling Bee and Sioux Confetti in English.

Furthermore, we also organized various opportunities for developers to sharpen and show off their English skills. For instance, in the spirit of celebrating our 7th birthday of Sioux Vietnam, we had a such a nice ENGLISH TOEIC TEST – a challenging but super fun experience for all of us to assess our language competency and critical thinking. This 45-minute test put us through a roller-coaster of emotions to push boundaries and unlock our potentials.

Let’s check more about Lunch and Learn in this article!

We are still looking for more talented and cool developers that are good at English and technical skills also. We are eager to learn more from YOU! Let’s meet!

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